Janine Hendry


Janine is an explorer of places, people, and ideas. Driven by the notion of social justice and recognising the value of harnessing change, she is a strategist, activist, social entrepreneur, designer, and academic.

Mostly, she is a woman who is unafraid to stand up and act in the face of injustice.

At her core, she understands that social justice must exist on the back of equality. She has spent a lifetime developing programs that support equality, specifically equality for women. She brings these skills to the fore by working with companies to help them create and deliver communication strategy that focuses on equality at its foundation. 

In 2021 Janine harnessed the energy of the women of Australia and brought into being the Women’s March4Justice a grassroots charity that was established by the women of Australia that strives to transform social attitudes and deliver equality to all women.

Janine’s commitment to social justice was garnered following the suicide of her son at age 16, when she founded a registered charity that gave her a platform to build schools around the globe. She sought to build a school in every country that her son had travelled to and specifically where the mothers did not have a school to send their children to. She succeeded in this mission, with the help of her family. Today these schools educate 1000’s of students daily.

She is the spokesperson for Her Hague Story a charity that seeks changes to the Hague Convention to ensure that mothers and their child fleeing domestic violence are not forcibly repatriated back to their abuser.

Janine started her career as an academic before a segue into the design, she is a qualified designer and architect. She currently holds visiting professorships at Boston University and IESEG, Paris where she teaches communication strategy. Janine is a skilled strategic consultant.